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What are the benefits of oranges


The orange is the citrus family are various types. The best known among the benefits is that the vitamin C of oranges . This is the fruit of vitamin C in the winter as well as A, E and Bgroup vitamins and phosphorus , iron , orangesmagnesium, potassium and calcium minerals  located. Usually we consume oranges squeezed in breakfast has many benefits. The best known of these is to strengthen the immune system. Winter and cold we often  caught in the spring , and helps faster to overcomethe discomfort such as influenza . Relieves fatigue in the body and energizes the body. Posalı digestive system which enables the operation of the orange fruit and facilitates digestion. Orangehas also benefits from helping to clean the blood . Orange reducethe risk of atherosclerosis , protects the  body against heart and vascular disease. Also allows lowering bad cholesterol. In addition, lowering blood sugar and high blood pressure are among the benefits of oranges. Orange contains vitamin C are not stored in our body , the lack of this vitamin is very common in smokers.

 Therefore, it is possible season fruit must be consumed each day. Another benefit is the presence of orange appetizing effect , drink appetite without children isrecommended in this respect . To assist the work of the liver are among the benefits of oranges . Although there are many benefits should not be consumed too often those orange stomach  disorders can cause stomach burning oranges consumed during this period Or consumed as fresh squeezed orange juice. Squeezed orange juice , as well as all juices should be consum without much waiting. If water is sprayed after a long time waiting notably vitamin C , vitamin and  mineral loss will be suffered . Orange jam made ​​from the bark is usedin making tea from the  flowers. Also removed orange oil. Orange oil the reduction of wrinkleswhen applied to the  skin , provides the skin smooth and taut appearance. The  most important benefit is that the reduction of acne to skin ; Orange oil is widely employed in skin care in this regard. In addition, the orange peel is also used in desserts for a pleasant flavor addeto . Oneof the benefits of oranges to oranges you have often can sweeten with a few cloves and pour over your fruit salad that you have prepared .

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