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Johannes Kepler’in Kısa ve Öz İngilizce Hayatı


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Değerli Ziyaretçilerimiz Sizlere Bu Yazımızda Johannes Kepler’in Kısa ve Öz İngilizce Hayatını Paylaşıyoruz İyi Okumalar…


December 27, 1571 in Weil was born in the south of Germany in the year. Entered the University of Tübingen and studied. Received a master’s degree in 1591. Made professor of mathematics in Graz. During this period, I cosmographic his Mysterium (The Secret of the Universe, 1596) explains in his work became one of the famous astronomer with planetary systems.

johannes kepler ingilizceWith Copernicus and Galileo located between the Renaissance astronomer Kepler’s largest, has grappled with the social problems of the era, the church’s doctrine and built-scientific beliefs in opposition to the “monumental” discovery was made​​.

Kepler, childhood spent in and vision problems giving rise to disease outcomes observed in studies on the direct and eye examination of the structure emphasis on saving studies, related to eye health optical research front foot was. Pupil of rays passing through the first describing how they broke the Kepler people, people with vision problems, image the retina in front of or behind the falls that have defects in the form of an optical claiming is the first scientist. By closely analyzing the telescope lens that magnified the image more clearly explained and how it can be produced after the telescope has enabled the development of closer.
Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler who settled in Prague with a call Tycho on the death of Emperor Joseph II. By Rudolf was appointed in his place. Tycho Brahe was compiled benefit from the valuable astronomical observations. When examining the orbit of Mars, named after its first two laws found. II. Substitute Rudolf’s brother, Kepler was appointed as mathematicians state of Upper Austria. Two books in 14 years to his stay in Linz Kepler discovered the third law here. Act 1: All the planets, the sun at one focus of the elliptical orbit moves on. 2nd Law: A planet right part that connects to the Sun sweeps equal areas in equal intervals of time. 3rd law: while wandering of planets from the Sun to the square of the ratio of the cube is the same for all planets.

Johannes Kepler, was called Silesia in 1629. After working there for a year, Nov. 15, died in the city of Regensburg in Germany in 1630.

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